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In the coming years, social media marketers are expected to take complete control over the customer experience. We can confidently say that social marketing awaits a very bright future. There have been several contributing factors behind this growth. The Internet has been one of the prime factors and is currently driving much of the web traffic. 

Table of Content

1.The 5 Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

  • Build your strategy
  • Create attractive content
  • Consistency
  • Analyze and optimize
  • Promotion

2. The 7 P’s Of Social Media Marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Physical Evidence
  • Process

3. Essentials Of Social Media In 2024

  • Identify your business goal
  • Choosing the right channel And Tactics
  • Create catchy and strategic content
  • Build your brand trust
Social Media Marketing

1. The 5 Pillars Of Social Media Marketing 

  • Build your strategy: Make a goal and strategy, and develop content out of them that will focus on your target audience.
  • Create attractive content: Develop high-quality and attractive content that engages the audience and makes them hook up with it.
  • Consistency: be consistent over social media and respond to the audience’s comments and problems on the internet.
  • Analyze and optimize: Make use of chats, data, and insights to improve your social media by regularly looking over it, seeing how it is seen by your target audience, and improving it.
  • Promotion: Create and promote your content online via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Making brand promotion can help you reach more audiences.

2. The 7 P’s Of Social Media Marketing

The 7 P’s of social media marketing refer to the 7 elements or parts that make up a comprehensive social marketing campaign:

  • Product: The service or product offered to the target audience.
  • Price: The price of the service or product and its position or range in the market.
  • Place: The location where the service or product is distributed or sold.
  • Promotion: The marketing messages and tactics used to raise interest and awareness in the service or product.
  • People: The target audience, including their demographics, motivations, and behaviors.
  • Process: The steps involved in obtaining the service or product.
  • Physical evidence: The tangible elements of the service or product, including branding, packaging, and user experience.

3. Essentials of Social Media In 2024

Social media marketing refers to the process of promoting a service, product, or brand through various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Some of the essentials of social media marketing are mentioned below

  • Identify Your Business Goal: It’s important to set a goal and make a strategy for it. Making a goal defines your ideas and helps you work on them more consistently. Examine your goal as there could be many ideas in your head-gear up the stronger one, make a strategy and make that happen.
  • Choosing The Right Channel And Tactics: Choosing the right medium or platform that will give you the highest return is important. By looking at the activities of the users and the audience, you will clearly know which platform should be the primary and which should be the secondary.
  • Create Catchy And Strategic Content: Good content helps the audience know about your business. Make it visible to the target audience, and post regularly including images, videos, and more. Post-educational-related things as the audience likes it and uses it for their own benefit and shares it with other known ones as help.
  • Build Your Brand Trust: Try to help the audience as much as you can and reply to the comments and doubts they leave on social media. By gaining their trust you can get more work from them in future. Facebook lets you send personalized videos to customers to thank them for joining your community and also allows the users to take the scroll and take down memory lane with the “On this day” video feature. This, in turn, helps Facebook be in touch with its customers better, retain them and build greater brand trust as well.
Social Media Marketing